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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Secret

The universe holds a great secret.

I have known the secret for many years.

And, I have used the secret many times in my life. I still use it, every day.

The secret is very simple.

It works even if you don't know that it is law and that it works all the time.

I don't mind revealing the secret because, although it has been kept hidden down through the centuries, it has also been revealed many times.

The secret, as I said, is a law.

The law of attraction.

The universe follows this law. It is the giant genie in the bottle which grants every wish once it is released into your consciousness.

You can have whatever you wish for. The universe will grant that wish, no questions asked. All you have to do is form a vision of your desire in your mind and the universe starts to move that object, whatever it may be, in your direction. You must be ready for it. You must be specific when you ask. And, you must be prepared to act in accordance with your wish.

As I said, I have used this secret, the law of attraction, which is immutable and powerful, many times over the years. I got my first glimmer of this secret when I was very young and my father read from Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich. That was my first inkling that there was a power in the universe that could move mountains, build pyramids, create wealth, happiness and a better life.

Simply put, Hill interviewed the leading industrial giants of his day, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and others. He discovered that they all believed that when they had an idea and sat down at the conference table with men and women to work out the details, something was created in that room. Hill called it a "Mastermind." That mastermind was, of course, the universe, responding to a request to create something valuable from just a thought.

The thought is important.

Thoughts become things.

Whatever you can imagine, the universe can create for you.


I'll give you a couple of examples, among many, of what happened to me when I tapped into the universe and used its power on my behalf.

I had been thinking about money. We lived in California, in Rialto, some 60 odd miles from Los Angeles where I had an office on Hollywood and Vine. I woke up and told Charlotte that I was going to get $10,000 by the end of the day. She brushed this off as impossible.

I told her that my father told me that it was easier to get $10,000 than $1,000. You merely had to ask and form a vision in your mind that you already had the money in your hands.

I drove to L.A., to my office and called a man I knew, a wealthy man with whom I had been working on an anti-drug program for young people. I had created a series of audio dramas which I wrote, produced, directed and narrated. I had good actors and terrific sound effects. This man wanted to use the programs as part of his efforts to bring peer pressure to bear on young people who were tempted or using drugs. I asked the man for the $10,000 and he wrote me out a check. I went on to produce a series of dramas that were focused on alcohol abuse.

Another time, in Arkansas, we were broke and our cars were shot, not running. Charlotte was staying in Harrison and worked at the Boone County Hospital as an accountant. She could walk to work. But, I was staying on our 80 acres in Osage, some distance away. I knew we needed transportation, but I had no money. None at all. I got a ride into Harrison and was dropped off at a used car dealer. I knew I would get a car.

I explained to the owner that I was broke, but that I was a writer and would receive royalties sometime in the future and could then pay cash for a car. He understood. The law of attraction was in effect. He let me "buy" two cars. Charlotte was amazed. She was always amazed in those years, but she is no longer surprised when I tell her what I’m going to do.

Now, there is a remarkable DVD available that reveals the secret. It is a well-produced film from Australia that reveals the secret through the appearances on camera of men and women of accomplishment who used the secret to obtain wealth, prestige, happiness, and health.

My son Frank told me about the DVD and said that it contained information that I had told him about over the years. I went to the website and bought the DVD. You can also stream it onto your computer for $4.95. The DVD cost $30.00.

Charlotte and I watched the movie and I wanted to send one to my sister in California. A few days after I got the DVD I ordered, another one came in the mail. I sent it to my sister and asked that she watch it with her children and my son. I told my other children about the movie and they bought it and watched it. They all remarked that I had told them about the secret over the years when they were growing up and when they were out on their own.

The biggest benefit the law of attraction has given me is my writing. I have never had writer's block. I have never gone blank, nor struggled to write. Whatever I have needed has been given to me. I never lack for ideas because I attract ideas like a magnet. Ideas bubble up from my subconscious every day. I spend many minutes a day just opening up my mind to receive what I need from the universe. In fact, I have long believed, and many scientists believe as I do, that consciousness is not limited to the brain. Much of it may come from an external source, i.e. the dark energy that exists in the universe. Or, some say, from the soul itself. And, long ago, I started thinking that there was only one great mind in the universe, that of our Creator, and that we are to use it according to our wishes and needs.

The universe consists of only 4 percent atoms. The rest is dark matter and dark energy. Powerful forces available to all. My entire life is geared around this concept. The universe, like the subconscious, does not weigh truth against fiction. It acts on what you ask of it, just as the subconscious does. I feed ideas and questions into my conscious mind, let them settle into my subconscious. This is why I never get stuck on a writing project. After sleep, after a nap, in quiet moments where I connect to the universe, the answers always come, no matter how complex.

That is another wonder of The Secret.

Here is a list of some of the people you will see and hear on the DVD:

Jack Canfield, Author
Joe Vitale, MSC.D, Metaphysician
Bob Proctor, Philosopher
John Asaraf, Entrepreneur
Dr. Michael Beckwith, D.D., Visionary
Bob Doyle, Author
Mike Dooley, Writer
Esther HIcks, Teacher (Abraham)
Bill Harris, Therapist
John Hagelin, PhD, Quantum Physicist
Dr. John DeMartini, D.C., Bsc, Philosopher
Fred Alan Wolf, PhD, Quantum Physicist
Dr. Denis Waitley, Ph.D., Psychologist
Dr. Ben Johnson, M.D., Physician
James Arthur Ray, Philosopher
David Schermer, Investment Trainer
Marci Shimoff, MBA, Author
John Gray, PhD, Psychologist
Lee Brower, Teacher
Loral Langemeier, Financial Strategist
Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Consultant
Lisa Nichols, Author
Hale Dworkin, Author

You can learn more about The Secret by going to the following website:

Recently, Larry King has had some of these people on his program which airs on CNN.

You can attract whatever you want by following the principles outlined on The Secret.

It works, and it works all the time, whether you want it to or not. In future blogs, I'll expand on this concept.

For now, you know enough to forge ahead in your own life and learn The Secret, put it into practice right away.